Simplifying Patient Communication
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HIPAA Compliance

We treat your and your patients and customers data with full confidentiality and will never disclose it to third parties for marketing purposes or otherwise. Furthermore, we work with you in only sending out appointment reminder notifications and not any personal patient data. Additionally, all communications between you and our servers is done over a 128-bit SSL encryption layer.

HIPAA and Appointment Reminders

The following information is available at the US Department of Health & Human Services website.

      Are appointment reminders allowed under the HIPAA Privacy Rule
           Yes, appointment reminders are considered part of treatment and are allowed.

      What if a patient requests not to be called with a reminder?
           If a patient wishes not to be notified via text messaging and or email then
           HIPAA regulations require that you honor such requests.

      Is authorization or permission required before calling?
           Since appointment reminders are considered part of treatment, authorization
           is not required. However, we recommend that you ask your patients if they
           would like to enroll in automated email reminders via text messaging and/or
           email, this way they can opt out if they prefer.